Monday, August 24, 2009

Filling in time

After our big Galapagos adventure, Ryan and I have decided to chill for a few days before we start the next full on part of the trip.
We flew from the Galapagos to Guayaquil, Ecuador´s largest city. We spent one night there and couldn´t wait to leave. This is a nice city, there is a wicked park along the river with beautiful gardens and play equipment for the kids, but as previously mentioned, I´m not a city fan and this one didn´t help to change that. Was especially overbearing having just come from the peaceful Galapagos Islands.

So we decided to take a 3 hour bus journey to Montañita, a little surfing town in the south west of Ecuador. This town is crazy. Kind of reminds me of a not-so-modern Thailand. It had obviously rained just before we arrived because the roads were mud baths! We slipped and slid our was through the town trying to find somewhere to stay, but being Friday night, this was not an easy task! Everywhere that was cheap or had been recommended to us was booked out, so being tired and grumpy, we settled on a dump called La Casablanca where the top bunk was angled and there was not hot water, actually come to mention it, there was no water at all!
We took a walk along the beach and at 5.00 decided it was time for a cocktail. This was the beginning of a very messy night. After 2 drinks I decided that I couldn´t finish any cocktail that I started coz it as too sweet, so Ryan took upon himself to finish everything I couldn´t. This resulted in a very drunk brother by 9.00. Unfortunately, we later found out that the 'fiesta' doesn´t actually start in Montañita until midnight. By that time I was exhausted. A trip to the toilet resulted in me taking a nap on my bed and hence loosing Ryan for an hour. I decided to wait for him at our arranged destination, a bar with a reggae concert on that night, conveniently located next to our hostel. Ryan stumbled in at about 1am with some random he picked up along the way and proceeded to fall asleep at a table. 20 mins later he approached me looking very pale and with no warning but a groan, he vomited behind the bean bag I was sitting on! I decided then that it as time to call it a night.

It turned out that if you didn´t really want to party, it wasn´t so convenient to be staying next to the Reggae concert. Partys in Montañita kick on till 7am, so I didn´t get a wink of sleep. At 8am the music and laughter is replaced by the workers and their power tools, who weren´t awake all night, so there was no break in which to sleep.
The next day I decided we weren´t staying in the town, so Ryan and I took a walk down the beach and stayed in a beautiful (though smelly) sea-side cabin, where the only noise was breaking waves. That day was pretty quiet as Ryan was suffering the worst kind of hangover and discovered that in his drunken stupor, he had cut off a big chunk of his toe, so couldn´t really walk anywhere!

On Sunday, we decided to move hostels again and spent the afternoon walking around looking at jewellery and then I caught up on this bloody blog hich meant 7 hours on the computer,

Today we are taking a bus back to Guayaquil and then flying to Lima, finally going to check out a ne country. We are starting a tour tomorrow which will take us into the Andean mountains, through inca ruins and hopefilly see some awe-inspiring scenery. The next chapter begins, can´t wait!

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